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Who are we?

El sol i el temps is a private initiative that aims at the dissemination of the heritage of sundials and gnomonics in general, the regions of Catalonia and the rest of the world.

El sol i el temps is aimed, in general, any kind of public interest in the knowledge of ethnological heritage of the country and aims to be a tool to aid the preparation of tourist routes inside or in the field teaching as a support tool for teachers and students.

El sol i el temps is expected for each clock cataloged a fact sheet with technical data and location information at the service of anyone who wants to prepare a path for our catalog. Also, included an extensive image gallery, to complement the maximum available information.

The selection criteria applied are based on the historical and artistic interest, from a general perspective and local on the condition and the available information. In many cases the lack of information is a crucial element that can be limited due to lack of any particular element or inaccuracies in some references.

El sol i el temps is a nonprofit project that feeds exclusively voluntary and selfless work of the people involved and col • Labor, to whom we thank here their invaluable dedication and interest.

For any comments or information please contact us using the contact form on this website.


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