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Tour of the population Piera (Barcelona)

We will make our gnomonic route through the town of Piera, located southeast of the region of Anoia.

It has an area of ​​57.3 km2 and an average altitude of 324.7 meters. Piera has more than 14,000 inhabitants. This population increases a lot in summer, as a result of the second residences. Urbanistically it is a town with an important heritage of modernist buildings that are accompanied by a good collection of solar quadrants.

In this document, for reasons of space, we will make a tour of the old town of the town, although, who wants to deepen, you will also find interesting clocks in the different neighborhoods that make up the municipality.

1.- MOSSÈN JAUME XIFRÀ: From San Cristóbal street, we will access, by a detour to the left, Mossèn Jaume Xifrà street, where, at number 15, we will find the first clock of the day. It is a vertical clock, square sgraffito, white background and hours on a brown frame. It has the motto (Hora bona us I can give if it is matí i el cel es clar) in the middle of the clock, Roman numerals (from VI to III), hours and half hours lines. Coordinates: Latitude, 41º 31 '10''N, Longitude, 01º 44' 54''E.

2.- SANT BONIFACI: Backing down the same access road to Jaume Xifra street, we will reach Sant Bonifaci street (continuation of San Cristóbal street). At number 34, we will find the next clock. It is a vertical clock, sgraffito, white background and grana drawing. It has a circumference in a square, where there are the hours. Below is a rectangle with a motto (Jo sense sol i tu sense bona fe no valem res). Orientation: NO, Arabic numbers (from 6 to 2). The t. 41º 31 '13''N, Long. 01º 44 '50''E.

3.- PLAÇA DE LA CREU: In front of the previous clock, we will find a small square called Plaza de la Cruz. Here is a vertical declining clock, sgraffito, rectangular, with rounded corners. It has a sun at the pole and the time lines framed in a U-shaped line, Arabic numbers (from 10 to 6), hours and half hours lines. The coordinates are: Lat. 41º 31 '13''N, Long. 01º 44 '50''E.

4 and 5.- CAL PEPUS DE LA LLORENÇA: Leaving behind the Plaza de la Cruz, along the Passeig del Prat, when you reach the junction with Folch i Torres street, you will find the house called Cal Pepus de la Llorença , where there are two magnificent clocks, on the facades that face each of the streets. The first one, which looks onto the street of Folch i Torres, is a sgraffito, circular clock with a large sun at the pole from which the time lines appear in Arabic numbers (from 5 to 4). Below a frame, with the figures of two angels holding the clock and with the motto (Let them hores that et marqui de ta vida, oh vianant !, followed by joia com rialla aixerida de bell infant) in the middle. Very decorated with animal figures. The second one, gives to the Passeig del Prat and it is a Sgraffito Clock, framed by a rectangle, a sun in the middle of clouds where the gnomon leaves that marks the hours inscribed in a circle, under which there is a band with the motto (If you face som to matí do not close l'hour here). Below, the figures of a boy offering flowers to a girl. Arabic numbers (10 to 7). The coordinates to place them are: Lat. 41º 31 '14''N, Long. 01º 44 '39''E.

6.- PG. DEL PRAT, 19-21: We will continue along the Passeig del Prat and, about 300 meters from the previous ones, at number 19 we will find a large chalet where, on the facade that faces the promenade, we will see the next clock. Rectangular with a sun at the pole, a grape bud on the left and a bundle of wheat on the right. Time lines and marks in the half hours. It has a motto (Hores de sol hores de vida, feu-fecundes, com la terra humida) on the bottom. Orientation: SO. The t. 41º 31 '17''N, Long. 01º 44 '45''E.

7.- CAL ISIDRET: From the crossing of Passeig del Prat, we will go down the street Josep Munné Vidal (strong descent), where, at the height of number 13, we will find the farmhouse called "Cal Isidret" In the courtyard of entrance to the house, there is a simple clock. It is a rectangular stone plate on a decorated star of stones, with a single in between, Roman numerals (from VII to VI), time lines, decoration at the angles: NO-cloud with rain, NE-tree and only , SO-vid and cloud, SE-sun and Saturn, SE orientation. The t. 41º 31 '10''N, Long. 01º 44 '41''E. To see it you have to ask the owners for permission since it does not look good from outside the fence.

8.- CAL JANA: Going down the same street, about 200 meters, on the right, we will locate Cal Jana. On the façade we can see a decaying, artistic, sgraffito vertical clock that matches another panel that details the name of the farmhouse, Cal Jana, and the date, in 1760. The name of J. Dalmases is documented. Orientation: SO. Time lines from 7 to 5, Arabic numerals. The t. 41º 31 '09''N, Long. 01º 44 '38''E.

9.- CAL PAINTER: Following the street of Josep Munné and Vidal, we will go up to the old town of Piera and we will arrive at the town hall square, we will take the street on the right, in the sense that we come, and we will arrive, about 100 meters downhill, in a small square where Calle del Sol begins. Here, at number 27, we will find Cal Pintor. It should be noted that, in this area of ​​the town, the houses besides the street number, have the name by which they are known in the town. As we said, the number 27 of the street of the Sun we can see a curious circular clock, iron, very declining, Arabic numeration (from 5 to 12), time lines, oriented to the SE and with a motto (The sun em dóna les hores that jo et dono a tu) in the center. The t. 41º 31 '00''N, Long. 01º 44 '33''E.

10.- CA LA PENTINADORA: A little further on, at number 32 of the street, we will find Ca la Pentinadora, a beautiful house with a spectacular sgraffito facade where we can see a sgraffito clock, with the hours surrounding a single face . Down a band with motto (Veritas est via mea) and, framing everything, a molding. Arabic numbers (from 6 to 12). The t. 41º 30 '59''N, Long. 01º 44 '32''E.

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