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Visit Otos (Valencia - Spain)

Taking advantage of a holiday trip to the Valencian Community, at the end of March, we had the opportunity to move to Otos to spend a day with Joan Olivares. The meeting was, as it could not be otherwise, cordial and pleasant, and we had time to chat on various topics, gnomonics, the sundials that are on the terrace of his house and make the route to see, once again, the sundials of the municipality's patrimony.

As important points of the day in Otos, it should be noted that the project "Otos el poble dels rellotges de sol", has exceeded the figure of 30 sundials built in the municipality, which gives rise to the implementation of a weekly route that, with the management of the Municipality of the population, take a walk through the patrimony of sundials.

This topic has been reinforced with the recent publication of the book that documents each of the clocks and the creation of an app that helps in the visit. Otos Sundials is a free augmented reality application that allows you to discover and visualize the creators of the sundials of the Otos population through your smartphone or tablet camera. It can be downloaded to the App Store and Google Play.


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