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The three ugliest roundabouts in France

Committed to the waste of public money, the French Contribuables Associés launched on December 12 a contest of the worst roundabout in France to decide between 10 rounds ugly, expensive or poorly prepared, selected among the hundreds of user reports of the Internet The voting was closed on January 8, 2018 at midnight, with the participation of 12,538 Internet users. With this contest, the Contribuables Associés has strived to raise awareness about the proper use of public money. "The mask of André Malraux" was chosen the worst roundabout in France on January 9, 2018. This roundabout located in the city of Pontarlier in the department of Doubs was created in 1998. It was widely voted by Internet users , bringing together 4,078 votes, or 33% of the votes.

On the podium of the worst roundabouts in France, it also appears: the Perpignan sundial. The gnomon is 30 meters long and 22 meters high: a helicopter would be needed to read the time! He collected 2,595 votes, 21% of the total. • Commune Perpignan (66000) in the Department of Pyrénées-Orientales created in November 2014 • Cost: € 298,000 [Estimated budget: € 200,000] • Author: Marc-André Figueres

Third, we find "tree in heaven" in Cugnaux, which includes 2,101 votes, or 17% of the votes. The sculpture measures 7 meters high, is a "script" between the old city and the new neighborhood. As Eudes Baufreton, Contribuables Associés Director, said in this contest, the worst roundabout in France, we would like to remind ourselves that the development of this infrastructure is paid by taxpayers, including local taxes that continue to grow. Public money is precious and should not be squandered, when so many French people are in financial difficulties. '' In total, more than 20 billion euros have been spent on the construction of round tables and glorietas, the costs divided by the road (around 40%), decoration (30%), pavements (25%) and signage (5%) not to mention the purchase of land, which is particularly expensive in peri-urban areas. The Contribuables Associés launched a worst roundabout competition in France to denounce the waste of public money in the round table decorations.

Origin: Contribuables Associés


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