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el sol i el temps | news >> Ejea de los Caballeros opens the new Plaza de la Diputación.

Ejea de los Caballeros opens the new Plaza de la Diputación.

Just be open to the public the new Plaza de la Diputación de Ejea, with an investment of € 1,290,832. Have been carried out for eight months, the construction of underground parking for 104 seats and the complete remodeling of the square. It has a completely new, modern and bold design that breaks with the known so far and gives a slight picture clears and takes more and better spaces, optimizing the entry and exit of vehicles and pedestrians. Presiding over the square is provided an oval stage which houses an extraordinary sundial based on the true story of nine ejeanos, the first segienses who obtained the Roman citizenship for their courage and tenacity in defense against invasions and service to Rome, such He is known as collecting bronze Ascoli, deposited in the Capitoline Museum of Rome (Italy). It consists of a gnomon that casts the hours of 7:00 to 19:00 sun, on the nine names of our predecessors of 89 years. C. and received the greatest recognition in that time, which made citizens equal to all other citizens of the Roman Empire were, on November 17 of that year, the date on which it has made it possible to pass shadow Once the nine names commemorating this remarkable feat ejeana.



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