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Ancient Sundial-Moondial discovered

In 1991 it was discovered in Rostov (Russia) a strange stone slab which was guarded without studying at the local museum so far. Researchers have concluded that a combination sundial and clock Moon Bronze Age.

The slab is lined with rounded marks forming a circle, following an astronomical analysis, seems to coincide with celestial events like sunrises and outputs of the moon. Specifically, the sunrise at the equinoxes and solstices, and the movements of the moon during its orbit, which is in the sky at a higher or lower position.

This sundial could be, according to Larisa Vodolazhskaya, researcher archaeoastronomical Research Center at Southern Federal University in Russia:

"Evidence of attempts by researchers of antiquity to understand the apparent motion of the stars and the nature of time."

The same team also studied Vodolazhskaya last year another sundial Bronze Age found in Ukraine. His verdict was that it was a sophisticated instrument for measuring hours.

Rostov slab was found in the archaeological context of a tomb of a man in his 50s dating to the twelfth century BC Sundials in the same period were also discovered in excavations of ancient Egypt, one in the tomb of Pharaoh Seti I.

Via: LiveScience.


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