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Sundials endangered

In the CMRS have cataloged two sundials of an old farmhouse in Sant Marti district of Barcelona Provensals currently in deplorable state, centuries-old, who are in danger of disappearance to be affected by the urban plan of the Sagrera. See article in the newspaper El Periodico de Catalunya:

"Rural Vestige the Verneda

A century-old farmhouse inhabited resists industrial buildings and floors after hive in the corner of Sant Martí. The locals are fighting to preserve the building, threatened. Apaolaza family moved into the farmhouse of Can Riera on 1971. Cisco, then the old masover, hosted the marriage and five children in the huge settlement. Soon, they were already six. That is, eight. "When we came all this were fields. There were trees, gardens and animals, "says Diego, noting the large truck parking after resisting, almost like a miracle, this last vestige of the motley Verneda rural, now endangered, as the century-old building-historians consider dating at least from 1500 - is threatened by a development plan. "The problem is that the council no official documentation has knowledge of Can Riera. At the area all that is documented that there is a 'small rural construction,' "says Eduard Mila, Apropat association member, formed by residents of Sant Andreu and Sant Martí concerned with the protection and vindication of the heritage historic area on alert since the rise of the Roman remains in the Sagrera, a few meters from the farmhouse. "We must ensure that the Horta and Can Riera Riera are considered a single unit to protect and establish the same use as an area of historical, cultural, educational and pedagogical immediate environment," ask the neighbors, who have developed a project to convert the house into a center of interpretation of the past of Sant Martí. And, behind the house, still standing a piece of wall of the gully. They have it tough. In the last plenary session of Sant Martí, on Thursday raised the issue. The response received was not expected. The government explained that they had done their homework, and, as requested by ICV-EUiA in the commission of Urban Habitat, had studied the hitherto unknown land, which had been classified at level D. The problem? This catalog is only obliged to make a photo essay to document their existence and can demolish it after the photo shoot. The same study argues that the earliest appearance window does not belong to the house, but was added afterwards, and that because of this situation, the metropolitan general plan amendment for the sector to save Prim is "highly unlikely" . The problem is not just a matter of equity. Although it may seem impossible, given the situation that is isolated after a car between floors and industrial hive, Can Riera people still alive. Apaolaza Diego, one of the children of the marriage set in place in 1971, and Mrs. Elizabeth, an older woman who lives almost from the same year in another wing of the mansion. The situation of both is in legal limbo. When installed they are not made any lease, but have been there 40 years. They tried to benefit from the adverse possession. That is, take ownership of the property since it took over 30 years. They lost the trial. Beni, sister of Diego, walked Thursday by the mansion with his brother and niece, camera in hand, photographing every corner. Sundials of the facade, the stones of the old windows and beams. "I would so sorry to throw this ... The council should claim it. Teach the neighborhood, the neighbors of Sant Martí were aware of that before, here is lived differently. Do not tear it down and end the story not only of my family, but all ... "laments women. Neither the activists nor the last Apropat residents of the house are willing to give up this unique haven of peace in the midst of one of the most hostile corners urbanistically the city. On the one hand, family studies Apaolaza appeal the judgment of the trial which lost for the law to recognize that the now dilapidated farmhouse of Can Riera is home. On the other hand, thinks Apropat Heritage continue battling City Hall to change cataloging. The break of the urban renewal because of the crisis on their side."


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